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The Path for Inner Peace by Sheri Kaye Hoff

July 26th, 2018

The Path for Inner Peace by Sheri Kaye Hoff

Guest Post: The Path for Inner Peace by Sheri Kaye Hoff
Artwork by Gena Livings

When I was younger, if someone said, “the ultimate experience in life is inner peace”, I would have thought, life cannot be that simple. However, it really is. When you have inner peace, you have a calm and unshakeable spirit and a deep well of strength.

You can have inner peace and still experience stress, chaos, or conflict in your life. With inner peace, you process stress in a different way. The every day stressors and even the big stressors of life don’t have power over a person filled with inner peace.

Three years ago, I nearly died and when I woke up in ICU with a serious diagnosis, I battled panic, depression and grief while I was in the hospital. A few days after I arrived home, I came to the place of perfect peace. I thought, my whole professional life, I have been teaching people to turn to spirituality, mindfulness, and mindset principles. I decided I would do the same to save my own life. I also decided that if I was going to die soon, I was going to do everything I wanted to do and to live life to its absolute fullest. I had faith in healing, yet at the same time, I was in complete acceptance. I stopped resisting and fighting against my diagnosis.

In a few weeks, my heart healed from virus caused heart failure and a few years later, I was cleared to train for a marathon if I wanted. I attribute my healing to focusing on inner-peace and letting go of all petty and unimportant thoughts and things. I chose to focus on happiness and joy. My daily success ritual habit was a cornerstone of maintaining peace. I was thankful that I had already installed this powerful habit before I got sick.
I practice a daily ritual for inner peace, joy, and love which are the foundations of success. I have been doing some form of this ritual for over ten years. Right now, my success ritual looks like this:

Every morning, I write in a journal. I write a gratitude list and I write a manifestation list. I write down who and what I am thankful for and why. Then I write thank you for everything that I want to happen like it already happened. I light candles and say a prayer of thanks. I read something inspirational. Then I stretch for about five to ten minutes and do a quick work out with dumbbells and push-ups.

Letting my heart be filled with appreciation and love is the way I like to start my day. Then I am ready to concentrate on my daily goals and tasks.
As the day unfolds, I manage stress with energy exercises like tapping and deep breathing. I also use positive affirmations and prayer. If my thoughts turn to worry, I gently guide them back to something productive and fulfilling. I focus on the fact that I am always in a place of choice regarding the thoughts I entertain.

People are mostly good. That is the way I see it. I feel responsible for spreading a message of kindness, love, acceptance, and peace. If I get upset, I do what I personally can to initiate positive change. I don’t attack and I focus on possible solutions. I try to notice when I am ‘judging rather than discerning. I try to be love instead of getting stuck in fear.

This is the path of inner peace for me.

Sheri Kaye Hoff

Coach, Trainer, and Author, Sheri Kaye Hoff, is a Business and Life Coach known for inspiring massive action and a catalyst for personal and business growth, joy, and profits in a way that is fun, relaxing, and fulfilling, Sheri inspires people to the do work they love and make more money. Sheri helps business owners and professionals to relax into success. She uses both spiritual and practical techniques to obliterate blocks and create dramatic change. She is a business, leadership, happiness, and mindset expert. She has overcome nearly dying, and the loss of her brother at an early age. She has made it her life mission to discover the keys to happiness and success and then share them with her clients and community. Learn More:

Living My Art - In Living Color

July 3rd, 2018

Living My Art - In Living Color

For as long as I can remember, I have always been drawn to vibrant colors and they have expressed themselves through me, in the form of colorful art and creative design images.

Bright and vibrant colors make me feel happy, peaceful, content and joyful on an energetic level. These designs are a reflection of how I feel from the inside; color literally bursting from within.

My artwork has always been free-spirited. I allow each design to take its shape from creative inspiration vs intellectual assessment and evaluation.
Every design is rich in color, abstract in form, and doesn’t always make sense to the reasoning mind.

To create my designs, I use a variety of mixed media that includes: digital watercolor, photography, graphic design elements, texturing, digital filtering/overlays, felt pen and explosive color!

I don’t judge a design by its appearance or give meaning to its form while I’m in the process of creating it, I just let it be, however, it wants to be.

The pure joy of creativity doesn’t come from outside approval, it comes from an inward state of stillness, peace and the energy of pure love at its origin.
I believe that all artistic expression is “living energy” and is a gift of the Spirit, which is meant to be shared with the world on the physical plane.
When we co-create with our Creator and share our gifts, talents and abilities, this becomes our living essence and extends far beyond our physical life here on earth. Our creative life-force is eternal and is, therefore, joined in the Spirit of Love, Light and Pure Beauty.

As a young adult, I envisioned my designs being displayed in an art gallery where I could share my work on a global scale. I created a make-shift art gallery in my bedroom and held this vision in my heart many years ago.

This was long before social media and the instant exposure of the internet as we have in today’s culture. I had no idea back then where, or how, my gallery would come into being but I trusted the Higher Power to turn my dreams, hopes and vision into reality.

With the miracle of today’s technology and worldwide internet connectivity, my art-gallery has been brought to life in an online atmosphere where art is being shared and distributed globally. I have partnered with Fine Art America, the world’s largest art marketplace and print-on-demand technology company.

My designs can now be featured on everything from photo prints, wall art, iPhone cases, t-shirts, greeting cards, note journals, linens, coffee mugs, tote-bags and much more!

We all have the capacity to create so much beauty in this world, in many different shapes and forms whether it be; art, music, poetry, dance, gardening, writing, speaking, child-bearing, etc.

So, may we all create in the Spirit of Love, Light, and the Joy of simply being in this shared experience!

~ Gena Livings

Where Is Peace and How Can I Get Some by Joan Kappes

July 3rd, 2018

Where Is Peace and How Can I Get Some by Joan Kappes

Guest Post: Where Is Peace and How Can I Get Some by Joan Kappes
Artwork by Gena Livings

All of us want to experience peace; our observations show that the demand is high. As for the supply, some people appear to be overflowing with it and others seem to continually run dry. Some are peace-filled even when the world is crumbling all around them and others, who you’d think would be brimming with it, experience nothing.

It is clear that accumulation of ‘stuff’ is not a recipe for experiencing peace. Life circumstances do not guarantee peace either, nor do status or financial abundance.

We search and look and acquire ‘out there’, while at the same time knowing that deep down, peace is there – somewhere.
Did I say ‘deep down’? As it turns out, that’s exactly where peace lives and moves and has its being. Authentic peace is an “inside job”!
Following are some “givens” I have discovered about peace:

♥Peace flows from the inside – out. Life circumstances, financial abundance, status, the accumulation of stuff etc. are not the causes of peace (they may augment it, but are not the cause of it, nor the reason for not experiencing it)
♥Peace is experienced in the present moment – in the ‘Now’
♥Peace springs from the depths of each person. What gives peace and how it is expressed is unique
♥A peaceful person focuses on experiencing peace and settles for nothing less
♥A peaceful person sees with the eyes of abundance, gratitude, beauty, joy, and Love
♥Peace is a way of “being”
♥A peace-filled person recognizes who they really are – One who is worthy, valuable, Loved and part of the Divine peace who dwells within
I have discovered that being open to experiencing the above is part of the journey of l-i-v-i-n-g my life! It is an adventure filled with ups, downs, discoveries, letting go, leaping, and oh yes, a lot of laughter! Each choice I make towards peace leads me deeper into living as ‘Me’ (and I really like this way of living)!
Following are some practical tips I use to experience and expand peace in my life:
♥Decide, then commit to “being” peace-full
♥Be aware of what gives you peace (from the inside-out). Make a list. Purposefully put yourself in circumstances that foster your peace
♥Hang around peaceful and joyful people – observe, ask them how they live-it, let them ‘rub off’ on you
♥Play with animals and children
♥Get outside! Allow yourself to see, hear, feel, and touch nature
♥Turn off the TV and stop reading the newspaper (or social media news) for 30 days. This will help you refocus on inward peace (try it – really!)
♥Make a gratitude list. Commit to adding 10 new items each day. Make a point to genuinely “feel” the gratitude as you write and re-read the list
♥Tone down your “mind chatter”. Often our minds and our thoughts are too active leaving little room for “the heart”. Gift yourself at least 15 minutes of quiet time (listening to soft music, meditation, silence, etc.) each day
♥Ask yourself: What fosters my peace? Do that
♥Perform random acts of kindness. This is a great one for stirring up your peace within!
♥Practice being ‘ok’ with where you are. This mantra is very helpful: “In this moment, I am fine. In this moment, I am…………”
♥Practice self-acceptance and love (the best tip of all!): Make a list of at least 10 things you like about yourself and commit to adding at least 2 new aspects each day. Experience the feeling of gratitude for who You are.

These exercises, when consistently acted upon, will unleash the unending supply of what we’ve all been desiring – a life of Authentic peace and joy!
This is your journey, your adventure to the real You, the peace-full You!
You have enough time to experience more peace than you ever imagined possible.

Peace is with you,


About Joan: Joan Kappes is a lover of life and adventure, living each day with joy and intention. Joan is a certified Life Coach, specializing in uncovering limiting beliefs and the effective use of the Law of Attraction. She is also an author, talk show host, retreat designer and creator of the interactive coaching site, ‘Come to the Edge Today!’ Over the years she has worn many hats: Mom, Wife, Friend, Traveler, Life Coach, Youth Counselor, Business Owner, Entrepreneur. Woven into her journeys, and especially today, she remains committed to helping people remember, rediscover, and reclaim who they really are so they can live their life of joy. Her motto: “The destination is great, but it’s the journey we came for…it’s the joy-filled journey that IS life!”

My Journey Toward Empowered Peace by Bea Shaw

July 3rd, 2018

My Journey Toward Empowered Peace by Bea Shaw

Guest Post: My Journey Toward Empowered Peace by Bea Shaw
Artwork by Gena Livings

Please welcome my friend and guest writer, Bea Shaw. I am honored to share her empowering article with you this month entitled; "My Journey Toward Empowered Peace." What I love most about Bea's article is that it's relatable, heart-felt and a tremendous conduit for inner reflection and self discovery.   ~Gena
Oh, the distractions! Life is full of them. Too many, in that it’s difficult to quiet the noise down around you enough so you can hear yourself think. Let’s also throw in some expectations and demands that come across you on a day to day basis. You may be equipped with plenty of no’s, but it’s still not enough to bring about the calm that we all so desperately need.  

I believe more and more that God speaks to the heart. And when life does get too chaotic, that’s Him giving you notice to slow it down. Because if you're running around you’ll never have the time to listen. It was difficult for me to admit that I was caught up in a never ending cycle of being so driven to meet the next challenge that I never took the time to reflect or even fully enjoy the successes that I was having in life and business. Thankfully HE never stopped speaking to me. HE kept giving me hints and new revelations that that kept coming one right after another. It got to the point that I had no choice but to listen because I ran out of excuses and options that would fix my discomfort.

One of my biggest assets is that I truly love sowing and empowering others. It’s something that has always come to me naturally and I find myself doing it before I even realize it. Over time, I found doing so to be draining and kept me in a continuous cycle of doing for others but not balancing it with expectations of my own. One of the greatest joys in my life was slowly but surely beating me down. I had to make a change.

Change came slowly. I was in a deep state of denial. What helped me was when I stepped back and came to the realization that while I was helping others there was no reciprocity. No wonder I was feeling drained and disillusioned. I was pouring myself out but only here and there those that I was helping were pouring back in. It became crystal clear that I was surrounded by takers and those with hidden agendas. Uncovering this discovery was a bitter pill to swallow and I was in denial for far too long. Here I’d given my heart, time, intellect, and energy but was still somehow not enjoying what I did any more. I was completely burned out but still felt had plenty left to do.

Throughout all of this, God came again and again still gently speaking to me, ever so lovingly directing me to make the necessary changes in my life that would allow me to shed the weight (both literally and philosophically) of what anchored me down. HE showed me I had quantity but not enough quality and that the time had come to finally remove the source of what had been actually failing me for so long. I knew from HIS love and directions the only way I could shed the “weight” was to drastically reduce my circle and begin the journey of finding a real true friends. Those who are gems and are really there for me. Those I could care for and feel renewed from as well.

Once I was clear on what I needed to do I also realized that my goals were already set and provided for me through God’s infinite wisdom. I just was too blind or maybe too full of myself to see. HE had already laid a path out for me but I refused to see it behind all the chaos that I had allowed. I believe that a big part of what was also pushing me so hard was the fear that grew in me after losing my Mom so soon. In response to her passing, I pushed even harder to succeed so my daughter would still be taken care of should something happen to me. I was taking care of business, yes but those evenings and weekends I spent elsewhere, could have been better spent by giving her me. She was growing up so fast and the price was too high for me to continue chasing and never really experiencing.

I'm so thankful God kept speaking to me. It is because of Him that I can truly say that I’ve found peace in my life. I now live in the present moment and now understand that it is perfectly fine to just be. After being in such a go go go mode, I’ve had to learn to work through the discomfort. I also understand now that I was putting way too much pressure on myself. What’s crazy too is that the world hasn’t imploded or fallen to pieces now that I’ve pulled back from all the “obligations” that I had before. I can honestly say that now that I’ve worked through the discomfort that I’m not only a free but I am also at peace.

It’s a great feeling to be on the other side of what brought me so much pain. I understand more than ever that it was something that I had to go through it in order to fully appreciate and experience what is truly important in life. I learned to stop pressuring myself and to stop believing that I wasn’t doing enough when I was actually doing too much. By ignoring the urge to always be in go mode, I’ve returned to my roots and it’s easier than ever to keep life simple. I can now just be in the moment which allows me to experience life to the fullest.

Through the experience, I have developed a clear sense of purpose and have set boundaries that respect that purpose. Boundaries are amazing elements that help prevent self-sabotage.  They keep me and others from pushing through my tolerance levels. I have learned to say “no” to things and individuals that are not destined to be part of my life. There is a sense of freedom that has developed in my soul because I know who I am, where I am going, how I plan to get there and who I am willing to take along on this incredible journey.      

What I didn't realize before on my journey toward empowered peace was that the answer was already inside. I will always be grateful for those who believed in me, lifted me higher and helped me to rise. Much love!  

About Bea Shaw: A firm believer that "WE RISE BY LIFTING OTHERS!" Bea spent well over three decades as a professional in the telecommunications technology industry. She now supports others in their professional pursuits while also pursuing her own entrepreneurial endeavors. A natural people connector, Bea enjoys life with her husband and daughter in Roswell, GA and inspires others online by sharing a her fired up daily dose of Empowered Peace. Visit and follow her on Instagram and Facebook

Peaceful Things by Janet Nestor

April 11th, 2018

Peaceful Things by Janet Nestor

"Peaceful Things"
By Janet Nestor
Art by: Gena Livings

Janet Nestor, my guest blogger, is my friend and one of my favorite authors on the topics of spirituality, positive thinking, and well-being. I’m very happy to share her article with you today entitled; “Peaceful Things.”

At some point in my life, I chose to turn away from chaos and live in peace. I wanted to feel physically calm and rebuke fear, worry, and anxiety and embrace the truth of who I am. I was not made for chaos. I was not prepared for war. I was not created to live in fear. I was not designed to judge and criticize others. I am not programed to hate and condemn. I was born to preserve life in all forms. I was created to love. My body is wired for joy, for happiness, for tenderness, to support, to comfort, to be kind and accepting.

I do choose to experience peaceful feelings inside my body and in my environment. I'm not content all the time, but it is my goal to live from the heart virtues and the ethics they silently represent. It is my goal to learn, grow emotionally and spiritually, increase my empathy and intuition - to share what I learn. Self-acceptance and self-worth are at the top of the developmental list because they bring inner peacefulness which is the first step toward world peace.

I know what it feels like to be left out, to be made fun of, to not have enough money for the grocery store. I know what it is like to grow the food that you eat and preserve fruits and vegetables for the winter months because you must. I know what it feels like to be so shy and fearful that I hide instead of participating. I also know what it feels like step out of my comfort zone and bare my soul through my writing. I enjoy being part of a meaningful conversation, living among loved ones, and collaborating within a tribe of beings who work to bring love and peace into the world, to be a teacher and a student.

We don't live in our genetic family or meet our soul tribe by accident. Within our tribe are like-minded, loving, peaceful, adventurous, activist, accepting members, some genetic family, who travel through time together. When we met again, we "knew" each other instantly and we shared life for a moment or bonded for a lifetime. Others of our tribe are not in body, but traveling along with us in spirit, guiding us, teachings us, inspiring us, coaching us to wake up, stand up, and do the job we came into physical being to accomplish. We are not alone. We have our human companions and our spiritual friends, teachers, and confidantes. Together, alive and in a physical body, and alive and in a spirit body, we combine to create a family with a distinct mission.

When I think of individuals throughout history who are loving, inclusive, powerful, yet gentle - I think of the Dalai Lama and his lineage of awakened men of great spirit -of Joan of Arc and her angels - the Buddha contemplating the meaning of life and peaceful living while sitting under his tree. I think of the great yoga teachers who find peace through movement and breath. I think of Yeshua the Christ meditatively walking for endless miles barefoot, taking in the beauty and energy of nature, loving the Earth, showing kindness and compassion and teaching reverence for all life. I think of people like Gandhi and Martin Luther King who taught love and coexistence through peaceful action and Nelson Mandela who taught coexistence through forgiveness, positive interaction and cooperation. I respect John Lennon, and his songs Give Peace a Chance and Imagine and great philosophers and authors like Lao Tzu, Immanuel Kant, Jane Austin, Upton Sinclair and Paulo Coelho. I remember esteemed scientists and teachers like Albert Einstein and the countless, often unrecognized, women leaders who created positive change and helped to enlighten, teach and create: Women like Hypatia, Mary Magdalene, Hildegard of Bingen, Sojourner Truth, Florence Nightingale, Ann Frank, Amelia Earhart, Mother Teresa, Ada Ball, Virginia Apgar, and Jane Goodall. I honor the great artists like Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci who taught through their glorious creations. I recognize and praise the enlightened indigenous leaders from around the world who for centuries have worked tirelessly to preserve wisdom, culture, and customs and to save the Earth’s diverse habitats and the environment from destruction.

Throughout history, great beings have walked the earth – here to awaken us, end violence and war, teach love and cooperation, to bring beauty and gentleness to all beings – to educate – to research and discover new scientific wisdom – to break racial and gender barriers so all can live as equals. I am grateful for those magnificent souls of past generations, of those here with us now, and for those who will work for peace and unity in the future.
In the words of John Lennon – Imagine, no greed and hunger – imagine, a brotherhood of man with all the people sharing all the world.

About The Author: Janet Nestor is a melting pot of interests and skills; her greatest asset is her dedication to her work as a licensed professional counselor, energy psychologist, soul detective, and teacher. She is mindful of her inner peacefulness knowing that her internal quiet facilitates a calm environment for her clients. She holds a vision of world peace and works to hep bring this into reality through her counseling, teaching, and writing. You can reach Janet at, on Twitter at @JanetNestor and Facebook at,